About buildingSMART

BuildingSMART is the worldwide authority driving the transformation of the built asset economy through creation & adoption of open, international standards

We believe significant improvements in cost, value and environmental performance can be achieved through the use of open sharable asset information in the creation and operation of our civil infrastructure and buildings worldwide. Also that open sharable asset information will help the supply chain unlock more efficient and collaborative ways of work throughout the entire project and asset life-cycle.

We believe buildingSMART is uniquely placed to define open international standards and working procedures to make this happen.

BuildingSMART is an open, neutral and international not-for-profit organisation.

Who we are

builidingSMART is made up of Chapters and Members: Chapters are local membership organisations in specific countries principally concerned with the implementation of open BIM within that country. These chapters are led by and members of the parent body buildingSMART International, Membership of buildingSMART International is also open to corporate entities worldwide.

Currently there are 18 Chapters representing: Australasia, Benelux, Canada, China, France, German speaking, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nordic (Denmark, Finland & Sweden), Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom & Ireland and USA.

What we do

BuildingSMART has three core programmes: Standards, Compliance and Chapters. Collectively these programmes are intended to drive the development and active use of open internationally-recognised standards, tools, training and certification regimes to support the wider uptake of Building Information Modelling (BIM) by owners, operators, the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) and Facilities Management (FM) industries across the buildings and infrastructure sectors.

BuildingSMART is the international authority in respect of a set of standards known as the Industry Foundation Class family which deal with process, data, terms and change coordination for the specification, management and effective utilisation complex geometric assets in the build environment. There is extensive work required to expand the basic standards set to respond to the full spectrum of user requirements in the digital economy.

Our History

BuildingSMART was first established in 1995, its foundation standards achieved ISO status in 2013. BuildingSMART has liaison status with ISO and chairs the Technical Subcommittee dealing with the IFC Standards family. We are also a partner organisation with the Open Geo-Spatial Consortium (OGC).

What’s Changing

BuildingSMART is changing to meet the demands of the built environment sector in the digital world. We have a Bold New Vision for quality, engagement, and community for Open BIM within the global built environment sector. Central to this vision is the creation of professional leadership team to drive the organization forward.