buildingSMART Fellowship


buildingSMART depends heavily on volunteers as well as professional contributors and many of these have served our operations for many years. Since buildingSMART is now ‘coming of age’ with its 21st anniversary we are introducing a scheme to honour and thank our outstanding contributors.

We are creating an Honorary Status for these people. They will be invited to become buildingSMART Fellows.

The scheme is intended to be a continuing and growing community with new Fellows being appointed over time. It is hoped that this will be a valued and respected means of recognising and honouring those who have contributed very significantly to our work. It is intended to reflect the pride we believe members of our community feel for all that has been collectively achieved and for those who have really made that possible.

Definition of a Qualifying Contributor

Somebody who has contributed substantial leadership or technical input on an unpaid or concessionary basis. They must have contributed at an international level; i.e. at least two Chapters or for work on international programs or standards. It is open to serving and retired contributors.


The contribution must have been substantial and of a quality that brought buildingSMART considerably forward.


Candidacy is expected to be supported by a justification and explanation.


The scheme is operated by buildingSMART International. A special nominations committee has been established to oversee the scheme whose decisions are final. The inaugural committee members are:
Patrick MacLeamy
Jøns Sjøgren (Chair)
Siggi Wernik
Tomi Henttinen

Chapters may forward nominations for future Fellows to the nominations committee. It is recognised that in initiating such a scheme we will not necessarily expect to have identified all the worthy candidates for the awards to be made this year. We anticipate that any worthy contributors, who may have been overlooked this year, will be patient and allow the scheme to develop.


The scheme will be launched in Barcelona at a Gala Dinner to celebrate our 21st Anniversary and Contributions from across our community on the Monday evening.

buildingSMART Fellows

For the full story on the Fellowship awards in 2017 please click here.

Fellow NameYear Awarded
Yoshinobu Adachi2017
Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen2017
Francois Grobler2017
Chris Groome2017
Reijo Hänninen2017
Ian Howell2017
Rudolf Juli2017
Jan Karlshøj2017
Arto Kiviniemi2017
Thomas Liebich 2017
Alain Maury2017
Patrick MacLeamy (appointed by Fellows)2017
John Mitchell2017
Rasso Steinmann2017
Cheng Tai Fatt2017
Vaino Tarandi2017
Mikio Shoji2017
Jeff Wix (posthumous)2017