Get Involved

What are you interested in?

How to get involved depends on who you are and what you want to do. Follow the links below to find the best option.

OpenBIM at Home

Users or organisation interested in openBIM needs identification or implementation of openBIM in their home country should investigate the activities of their local Chapter.

Standards Development

Individuals or organisation wishing to get involved our in Standards development are invited to contact us for introduction to the appropriate Room leaders.








Summit Program

We hold two working Summits a year which is when all our activities meet face to face to progress the development of open digital solutions. We also use the opportunity to make broader presentations about buildingSMART activities.

Summits are open to all.

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Compliance Activities

Organizations can help with our compliance activities. Engage in the development of our software certification program or assist with the development of the professional certification. Contact us for more information.

Chapter Program Development

Organizations or individuals wishing to start a new chapter and individuals who are willing to assist in developing the Chapter Program activities should contact us for more information.