Core Programs

Three programs are at the heart of buildingSMART International.

They are designed to address the full standards life-cycle from needs identification to solution development and then to deployment to meet user needs


  • Open to all
  • Formal and rigorous Standards development


  • Certification for software, people, companies
  • Compliance training and testing

Chapters (****LINKS)

  • Chapter outreach and coordination
  • Chapter-building

Designed to enable the structured and systematic development, deployment and active use of open standards to enable a digital economy for the built environment industries.

Standards Program

The Standards Program develops open BIM standards and works to achieve formal international consensus. These activities will be organised in a number of working groups under the control and oversight of our Standards Committee.

Road Maps and Value Propositions: How we deliver value to industry and users.

The Standards Program Process: How we work and are organized; rooms, working groups and projects.

standards program

Major Projects: BuildingSMART will promote and facilitate a series of hands-on pilot and test projects and initiatives in different geographies in order to accelerate the development and acceptance of open BIM standards and the associated best practice construction and asset life cycle methodologies.

Compliance Program

Our ambition is to ensure robust and cost effective compliance services for software and users.

Our software certification activities cover:

  • Certification for IFC2x3 and the Coordination View 2.0, testing the IFC-interfaces of BIM-applications for export and import.
  • Certifications of IFC4 based implementations with the new MVDs for reference models and design transfer will start in January 2015

We are developing schemes for the:

  • Certification of Quality of Design & Process Data
  • Certification of Quality of Product data
  • Certification of BIM Competence of individuals
  • Certification of BIM Competence of companies

 Users Program

Our users program aims to ensure we become a trusted partner and resource for governments and industry leaders and serve the real life needs of users.

buildingSMART understands and believes that the full benefits in terms of cost, value and carbon performance throughout the entire project and asset life-cycle end to end require new commercial practices and ways of operating in the built environment sector and that the commercial practices and cultural change challenges are different in each country.

Key to the future user program will be strong outreach capability which supports users to engage their own countries’ government and industry leadership with the latest expertise across the three crucial domains of:

  • Technical
  • Commercial
  • Cultural
Chapter-Principles-Cultural-Commercial-Technical (1)

We believe that our strong vibrant Chapter network is a major asset that will assist use to develop as the industry standards body of reference.

Chapters have a vital role to play in the effective deployment of standards. There are strong leadership requirements as well as commercial opportunities.

We are seeking to develop a strong two-way program of outreach and support to chapters and well as driving up the engagement of chapters in Standards Program. Participate in our developing Chapter Conference call program.