Policies and Agreements

File TypeTitleContentDate
Organization Membership AgreementbuildingSMART International organisation membership agreement15 May 2019
Code of ConductCode of Conduct with regard to Competition Law6 September 2017
Publicly Available SPEC agreementbuildingSMART Specification (SPEC) publication12 December 2016
Brand PolicyPolicy concerning the use of the buildingSMART name and associated logos15 August 2014
ByelawsbuildingSMART International Byelaws6 September 2019
The buildingSMART ProcessOrganisation and Process Description19 February 2015
Data Protection Policy - GDPRData Protection Policy GDPR20 March 2019
Articles of AssociationArticles of buildingSMART International21 June 2017
Chapter Membership AgreementsChapter Membership Agreements16 August 2019
Intellectual Property Rights StatementIntellectual Property Rights Statement22 September 2014