Vision and Mission

Why buildingSMART?

We believe significant improvements in cost, value and environmental performance can be achieved through the use of open sharable asset information in the creation and operation of civil infrastructure and buildings worldwide.

We believe open sharable asset information will help the supply chain unlock more efficient and collaborative ways of work throughout the entire project and asset life-cycle.

We believe buildingSMART is uniquely placed to define open international standards and working procedures.

Our Vision

Realization of the full societal, environmental and economic benefits of open sharable civil infrastructure and building asset information into commercial and institutional processes worldwide.

Our Mission

Proactively facilitate with key leaders the active use and promulgation of open data standards enabling civil infrastructure and building asset data and life-cycle processes to be seamlessly integrated, improving the value achieved from investments in the built environment and enhancing opportunities for growth.

Our Values

Openness: neutral and international.

Relevant: agile and responsive.

Not for Profit.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Provide openBIM standards of tangible value to society and bring measurable benefits to users
  • Provide the leading neutral international forum for consensus building supporting the creation, adoption and use of openBIM standards.
  • Lead globally in the timely development of relevant value-enabling openBIM standards.
  • Provide timely and thorough software certification and people compliance testing services to accelerate adoption of openBIM standards.
  • Become a trusted resource and partner for governments and industry leaders desiring adoption of openBIM standards worldwide.