Operating Vision

buildingSMART will focus on standardizing processes, workflows and procedures for BIM.

Only buildingSMART is positioned to do this successfully, because our real strength is our worldwide network. We have access to governments around the world and to key players in the industry. We have access to the whole bandwidth of users, as well to the key IT providers. And we are neutral

buildingSMART is in good shape to do this, because we have:

  • Methodology to describe processes
  • Data Models to transport the information
  • Standardized mapping of terms
  • Methodology and technology to transform process requirements into technical requirements

Who benefits from standardized BIM-processes?

  1. Owners, architects, engineers, facility managers, because they do not need to re-invent the wheel in each project, and because everyone would know the standard procedures. It will be much easier to partner-up in new projects and to build consortia. A lot of money and effort will be saved.
  2. Software vendors, because the market will become much bigger. As procedures become widely accepted state-of-the-art, vendors will increase investment in software development.
  3. Educators, because education is based on state-of-the-art, only on this basis a mass-education can be established and it is worth the effort to develop educational books/media (anything else is just short-term training). If you demand today from universities to educate their students in BIM, most of them are helpless, because they don’t know what to teach. Certificates of education need a standardized basis. State-of-the-art is also a necessary basis for accreditation of studies.
  4. Building owners, because they will ask for state-of-the-art BIM competence confirmed by certificates.
  5. Contractors, manufacturers, authorities, maintainers and operators, because their work processes will be streamlined and efficient.
  6. Everyone in society, because they use the built environment for living, working and life.