How openBIM can help you

openBIM workflows are central to solving the fundamental challenges of productivity and sustainability that afflict the built environment. Basing your research on openBIM helps you to collaborate with others in your field and deliver the innovations needed across the sector, which can be rapidly adopted by industry thanks to the interoperability of applications based on openBIM standards.
Furthermore, your teachings on openBIM ensure your students are prepared to thrive in the AEC industry of the future, and can play their part in addressing the challenges of productivity and sustainability.

Contribute to the built environment

openBIM provides a valuable way for developing new methods and solutions to help the built environment. With openBIM, you can access and analyze data, contribute to new and evolving trends, and help to educate the industry. openBIM also provides opportunities to collaborate with other professionals in the industry and provide your students with hands-on experience working with real-world data. By embracing openBIM, you can drive research and education forward, ensuring that the latest theories and practices are adopted in the industry.

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Driving innovation

Innovation is a core component of how academia strives to make the most of the standards and technologies that are available. By constantly driving innovations, and applying the latest technologies, supported by openBIM, academics around the world are delivering real results to projects. Check out this award submission showing how Augmented Reality is helping with Teaching methods.

Ways to get involved with buildingSMART International

There are a variety of ways of getting involved at buildingSMART.
Help to develop or implement standards and services to benefit the industry.

Learn more about openBIM landmark projects

Bond University - For Leadership in openBIM in Education

Find out how this university developed an entire program based on openBIM at Bond University in Australia. The goal of this program was to support students in the quest for openBIM excellence to meet the demands of a growing economy.


Image: courtesy Bond University

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The University of Hong Kong - openBIM: opening the gate for BIM and blockchain integration (OBBi)

The University of Hong Kong undertook a project to apply BIM and blockchain in an integrated format to explore how it could benefit building projects. The goal was to see how it could improve communication, provenance, quality assurance and more.


"The concept of openBIM was fundamental in the development of the project as processes and workflows have been released from legal constraints and time limits generally imposed by specific software solutions or proprietary formats. The process is collaborative and digital and allows all actors to optimize data exchange efficiency and ensure more quality. It reduces communication and intervention times on architectural heritage, relying on pre-organized data in bSDD, utilizing openBIM as basis."

Simona Scandurra, Researcher, University of Naples
bSI Awards 2023

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