Aidan Mercer

Aidan Mercer

Marketing Director

Aidan’s career has been focused on high-tech software organizations to deliver branding and messaging for the adoption of digital technology. His experience spans infrastructure project delivery and asset performance management strategies for firms looking to adopt innovative software solutions.

He has international management experience and has championed key messaging in developed and emerging markets. Having written extensively on topics such as BIM, Smart Cities, Big Data, IoT, geospatial and Going Digital, he has been a thought-leader in a variety of markets.

Aidan has been a regular speaker at industry events, including keynotes at international conferences. He has also delivered corporate presentations by aligning messaging to industry topics to showcase the value of technological adoption. Aidan has a grasp of technical product understanding and industry alignment.

Aidan has a Masters Degree in Marketing from the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom and a variety of CIM chartered qualifications.

Previous Roles

Senior management roles, Bentley Systems

Management roles, Exor Corporation