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How openBIM can help you

openBIM provides AEC firms with the common BIM language that allows you to collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders, partners and suppliers, across the full lifecycle of your project. It supports both human and machine interoperability, ensuing your project data workflows are machine interpretable and helping you automate your processes, optimize your decisions and improve your productivity and sustainability. And it gives you choice over what software to select, the freedom to change if better applications come along, and the confidence that you will be able to access your data in the future without being locked-in to proprietary software formats.

Efficient collaboration

openBIM enables architects, engineers, and construction companies to collaborate more efficiently and effectively, reducing errors and improving communication and project quality. It allows the use of various software programs, providing flexibility in design workflows and the ability to choose tools that best meet their needs. buildingSMART provides the right environment to ensure standards and services are developed to reflect the needs of the AEC community. Stakeholders from around the world can contribute to developing the right use-cases and requirements for a more efficient and collaborative industry. Learn more about how openBIM contributed to a major landmark project in Hong Kong.


Better data management

The use of data-rich models is emphasized, and accessible by all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, allowing for better project data management and sharing. Design changes are accurately reflected across all project documents, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient project delivery. With openBIM, building professionals can work together seamlessly to achieve successful projects. Find out how bSI is working with Lombardi Engineering to put openBIM at the heart of how they deliver their services to clients.

Ways to get involved with buildingSMART International

There are a variety of ways of getting involved at buildingSMART.
Help to develop or implement standards and services to benefit the industry.

Learn more about openBIM landmark projects

Sweco Norge - The Randselva Bridge

The Randselva Bridge is a 634-meter-long free cantilever cast-in-situ concrete bridge and is the world’s longest bridge built without the use of any drawings, only BIM models. It contains over 200,000 rebars, 200 pour stages, 250 unique tendons in the pre-stressing system, over 19,000 m3 of concrete, and 18,000 m2 of formwork.


Image: courtesy Oystein Ulvestad

144-img004_OvD (1)

Project Pontsteiger

This project proved that highly complex multidisciplinary design and production coordination through IFC is possible. It entailed more than 50 disciplines delivering IFC, over 350 unique IFC’s, and over 3500 different versions of IFC. By effectively managing a strategy for the use of IFC information, all teams benefited from having access to the right data to manage change throughout design and construction.


"It’s clear that the use of openBIM was critical to achieve the extremely stringent information requirements on a project, and has been essential to collaboratively engaging with stakeholders across a broad spectrum of party involvement"

openBIM - Essential for Major Infrastructure project Delivery, bSI Award 2021
Mathew Boynton, Floth

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