How openBIM can help you

openBIM provides the common BIM language that allows all your project stakeholders, partners and suppliers to communicate seamlessly and reliably with each other and across the full lifecycle of your project. It also ensures your project data workflows are machine interpretable, making your processes more automated and efficient, and allowing you to optimize your decision-making across the full project lifecycle, giving you the power to maximise your productivity, profitability and sustainability. And, it gives you freedom of choice over what software you and your supply chain wish to use, the agility to change if better applications come along, and the confidence that you will be able to access your data through the life of the project without being locked-in to proprietary software formats.

Enhanced decision-making

openBIM ensures through-life data access and streamlined supply chain communication, enhancing decision-making; improving productivity via automation; and maximizing the choice of contractors, software, and innovations. As an asset owner, you need to take control of your data and open standards can help you do this. buildingSMART standards and services in combination help you do this. Find out how Oslo Airport required all data to be in IFC so that it could be an openBIM project.

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openBIM Workflow Explained

Advancements in standards and services are helping clients and asset owners to better define their requirements. With Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) and Validation Service, organizations can have confidence that IFC models generated can meet their requirements. Learn about the entire openBIM workflow and how it can support your projects and assets.

Ways to get involved with buildingSMART International

There are a variety of ways of getting involved at buildingSMART.
Help to develop or implement standards and services to benefit the industry.

Learn more about openBIM landmark projects

Auckland Airport - Foodstuffs Headquarters

The foodstuffs facility at Auckland Airport is a new facility that serves the corporation's headquarters and also acts as a distribution facility. The project aimed to deliver an innovative new design and also meet sustainable practices to promote efficient project delivery. Find out how this project utilized the best of openBIM.




Liberating Built Asset Information

Having access to accurate, structured, and timely information about an asset is a critical enabler for effective whole-life asset management and is as important as the functionality and performance of the physical inventory itself. This white paper sets the context for how digital information capture and analysis can be used for better asset management decision-making and signposts a pathway to future connected data environments. As a core element of enabling this capability standards such as openBIM® supports the efficient management and interoperability of data as the key enabler


"Throughout the life cycle of an asset, openBIM helps to connect people, processes, and data to achieve asset supply, operation, and maintenance goals. In this case, openBIM, applied to safety, certainly represents a key element in order to reduce the risks associated with field operations."

Domenico Luongo - Software System Development, Terna
bSI Awards 2022

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