BIM-Competency Assessment

In this latest blog, Mark Baldwin, Professional Certification leader and Board member of buildingSMART Switzerland provides step-by-step instructions on how organisations can measure their BIM maturity.

How do you measure BIM maturity?

Organisations measure their BIM competency to plan their implementation and to track progress. There are many methods to do this, most of these are self-assessment based. The BIM-Profiler is a free application developed by BIMconnect to helps organization assess their current and target BIM compency. It is based on the Organisational BIM Assessment method developed by Penn State University.

With the BIM-Profiler you can assess the BIM fitness of your organisation in 3 easy steps.

1. Set your company profile.

Defining your organisation type, size and the number of years that the organisation has been working with BIM.

2. Rate your BIM competency

Here you can rate both your current and target position by responding in six sections

  • Strategy;
  • BIM-Uses;
  • Process;
  • Data structure;
  • Infrastructure, and
  • Personnel

3. Export your completed profile

Once you have addressed all six sections you can submit your assessment to calculate your results. Your organisation’s BIM-Readiness will be shown as an overall score, with the individual competency areas presented in a spider matrix.

BIm Assessment 1
BIm Assessment 2