Board, Strategic Advisory Council and International Council Meetings

buildingSMART International held its Annual Board, Strategic Advisory Council and International Council Meetings from May 22 – 24, 2018 at the prestigious American Institute of Architects in Washington DC. This annual governance and leadership meeting was attended by representatives from 16 countries and 37 organizations worldwide enabling detailed discussion of the development and growth of open digital workflows for the built asset economy.

Board Meeting

The buildingSMART International Board of Directors and International Council approved the 2017 Annual Report.  Membership has more than doubled in three years and the 2018 forecast is showing a strong growth trajectory.

The priorities for 2018 are:

  • Improved external communications
  • Improved community and technical communications
  • Successful completion of our major standards projects
  • Development and clarification of our product and technology strategies
  • Launch of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary and Individual Qualification services
  • Continued closer alignment with Chapters to offer seamless paths for members
  • Strengthening our leadership team
Kjetil Tonning
Kjetil Tonning

The International Council re-elected Dirk Schaper, Inhan Kim, Karin Anderson, and Rasso Steinmann as members of the Board. The organisation welcomes new Board Director Kjetil Tonning. Patrick MacLeamy, Bill Moore and Christophe Moreau continue as directors.

International Council & Chapter Conference

The recent World Economic Forum report, An action plan to accelerate BIM adoption compares buildingSMART to W3C when it stated that ‘Infrastructure and Urban development industry should support similar bottom-up consortia to standardize BIM data exchange… one such consortium exists – buildingSMART.’

Chapter Leaders shared how the growth and development strategies are being adopted for the development, promotion and use of openBIM in their countries. This enabled valuable insights from new and established Chapters to discuss in-country challenges, successes and industry engagement.

Several Chapters have already signed up to deliver the new Individual Qualification scheme with Germany being the first to launch.

Board & Strategic Advisory Council Meeting

In the face of growing demand and broadening technological possibilities this series of meetings enabled detailed discussions of the issues surrounding Product and Technology Strategy needs.

Presentations by industry and academic representatives covered a spectrum of user and technical focused topics. The valuable insights, opinions and debates will assist buildingSMART to develop an updated, clear and well-articulated Product and Technology Strategy which is forward-looking and embraces the future opportunities and requirements for open standards and addresses how real open functionality is made available and used.