buildingSMART International Appoints Frédéric Grand as Product Manager for the buildingSMART Data Dictionary

London, (January 11, 2021) – buildingSMART International (bSI) has appointed Frédéric Grand of buildingSMART France to lead the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) into its next phase.

Since completing a master’s degree in computer sciences, Frédéric spent 16 years as a project manager at ‘BBS SLAMA’ a Software company providing (IFC compliant) energy calculation applications. He has been an active member of buildingSMART France for more than 15 years and was appointed as its technical director in 2020.

Frédéric is also a member of the Product Room and has been since its creation. He is also a member of the steering committee since 2019.

He is an expert on technical BIM projects in AFNOR (French Standardization Body), CEN/TC442, ISO/TC59/SC13, the project leader of the ISO 23386 newly published standard and, is involved in the revision of the ISO 12006-3 standard revision.

Frédéric has been following the work on IFD and bSDD since their inception and is convinced that bSDD will have a central place in an openBIM™ process. Frédéric will be the first point of contact for data owners that want to publish their standards in the bSDD, and for software vendors that want to connect to the API.

“I am really excited to take the role of bSDD Product Manager as all the pieces are now in place to make things happen: the community is mature enough to understand the key role and value of dictionaries in a BIM process, we have the standards to structure the content, the standards to define and manage the content, software vendors are starting to connect their tools (mostly with plugins) to bSDD and content providers are already feeding the database with dictionaries.”

Léon van Berlo, Technical Director, buildingSMART International said “I’m delighted to have Frédéric leading the new bSDD. His strong focus on usability of the bSDD for the industry, combined with his deep knowledge and involvement in the development of libraries over the years, making him the perfect person to take the bSDD to the next level. His experience in this field and strong network will accelerate the bSDD deployment this year and I’m excited to see the resulting improvements in everyday openBIM workflows.”

There is a new bSDD now available and it will be a great improvement in terms of managing and structuring content, especially with the availability to federate different dictionaries and make links between them. You can find out more here:

About buildingSMART International

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