Form a Chapter

There is a lot of interest in setting up new buildingSMART Chapters around the world.  These notes have been prepared to help people thinking about forming a Chapter.

 A Group of Believers

At the heart of every successful Chapter is a group of owners, users and technical people who believe in the power of interoperable BIM to change the world of designing, constructing and operating the built environment for the better.

A Properly Constituted Not-For-Profit Organization

Not-for-profit status is crucial to recognition by Governments of the independence of a Chapter from any dominating commercial influence and as a guarantee of open membership and fair treatment of its members.  How not-for-profit status is achieved varies between countries: a company without shares limited by guarantee or a research/educational foundation are possible models.

 Part of an Existing Organization or a Stand-alone Organisation?

Both models exist and can be successful.  However the quickening speed of adoption of open BIM and the likely immediate demands on the Chapter make links with an existing organisation more attractive.  Such links give immediate access to resources such as people, finance and networks.  Possible ‘hosts’ might be standards, educational or research bodies.  In any case we expect the governance and finances of the buildingSMART activities to be ring-fenced.

 An Organisation of Substance

BuildingSMART has Chapter Members and Organizational Members. For Chapter Members we are looking to have an organisation capable of taking on the exclusive right to represent buildingSMART in its designated territory.  It has therefore to have substance from the beginning and a good prospect of fulfilling its mission as the authority in its territory for promoting and facilitating open BIM.

 Single or Multi-Country Chapter?

Although we have some multi-country Chapters we believe that single country Chapters are more appropriate to the day to day in-country government liaison, industry leadership and user needs identification and implementation issues that are the front line business of Chapters. We therefore have a strong bias toward single country Chapters going forward.

Application for Chapter Membership of buildingSMART International

Acceptance of applications for membership has been delegated to the Executive Committee (ExCom), which forms the Board of Directors.  They will be looking for evidence of:

  • Substance (members, officers, resources)
  • Independence
  • Open access to membership, meetings and documents
  • Not-for-profit legal status
  • Sound business plan.

You will also be required to sign the Chapter Membership Agreement

For help and advice please contact our Contact Us