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China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research (CBS) is a state owned scientific and technological enterprise. Its business scope includes scientific research, standard development and management, urban and rural planning, architectural engineering design, engineering general contracting, technical consulting, product manufacturing and installation, certification, personnel training, and more. CBS adheres to the principle of "standards" as the foundation of its establishment and has been the chief editor or co-editor of over 400 national and industry standards and specifications, as well as managing over 1,000 related standards. CBS is also the Chinese mirror committee for 11 TC/SCs in the field of ISO construction and civil engineering, overseeing more than 170 international standards. It is engaged in the development of international standards in areas such as architectural modular coordination, building resilience, BIM, architectural drafting, and more.

Incorporated in: 2016

Status: Full Chapter

Chapter leaders

Wenbin LUO

Wenbin Luo



Lai Wei

Secretary General

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