buildingSMART Czech Republic

buildingSMART Czech Republic is a part of the Czech BIM Council (czBIM) established in 2011. czBIM as a professional Non-governmental Non-profit organization brings together experts from private and public companies and academia. The association protects and promotes the interests not only of its members but of the entire private sector, ensures that the implementation of BIM in the Czech Republic is transparent and that experience and needs from real practice are reflected. buildingSMART Czech Republic is an independent platform for the popularization, promotion, standardization, and development of the openBIM principles in the Czech Republic. buildingSMART Czech Republic's primary role is to connect local openBIM efforts with the international community and vice versa.

Incorporated in: 2021

Status: Developing Chapter

Chapter leader

Petr Matyas

Petr Matyáš


buildingSMART Czech Republic Chapter Update - June 2022

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