buildingSMART United Arab Emirates

buildingSMART United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosted by the Dubai Municipality which aims to promote and support digital transformation in the building and construction sector in the UAE through the adoption and development of open standards. It also aims to participate actively in the various buildingSMART technical rooms, especially those related to buildings, regulations and automated code compliance checking, infrastructure, BIM-GIS integration, and digital twins. To achieve its vision, the chapter cooperates with all government entities, private companies, and educational institutions in the UAE to raise awareness of openBIM benefits and standards by organizing workshops, conferences and overseeing training programs for participants from the UAE and the broader region. The chapter also plans to provide localized openBIM information in Arabic.

Incorporated in: 2020

Status: Developing Chapter

Chapter leader

Maryam Al Muhairi

Maryam Obaid Al Muhairi


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