Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Chapter Chairman of Canada

First name: Bill

Last name: Moore

Chapter: Canada

Role: President

Where do you live? Cochrane, Alberta in the western region, Canada.

Work history:  I have worked in the AEC industry for more than 30 years.

How long have you been involved in openBIM and buildingSMART? I was introduced to OpenBIM and buildingSMART in 2010, as a Steering Committee member of the Institute for BIM in Canada.

What do you like the most about your work with buildingSMART Canada?

The satisfaction that comes with facilitating the transition of an entire nation towards a digitalized way of working, which includes engagement with Stakeholders at all levels of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner, Operator and Manufacturer (AECOOM) community.

The greatest success achieved within bS-Canada?

I am very proud of the resources we have developed to support Canadians through the digital transformation of the AECOO community:

  • BIM for Owners Guide
  • Contract Appendix for BIM (Institute for BIM in Canada)
  • Project Execution Planning Guides
  • Canadian Practice Manual for BIM (3 Volumes)
  • Roadmap to Lifecycle BIM in Canada

These combined resources in tandem with our engagement with important Canadian AECOO stakeholders is defining our organization as the BIM/digitization authority within Canada.

There is also the bSC Affiliates– a unique network of excellence aimed at promoting and supporting BIM adoption across Canada by connecting grass roots efforts.

What does openBIM mean to you?

Digitization of the entire built environment involving agnostic exchange of information in a collaborative manner.

What is the biggest challenge the community is facing today?

I am convinced of 3 significant challenges facing the community today:

  • Human resistance to change: people must embrace new ways of working. Digitizing the built environment demands disruption to traditional practices.
  • Regulatory constraints: regulatory policy must be updated to accommodate new ways of working.
  • Technology constraints: openBIM is gaining global support, however there are still numerous technological limitations complicating our quest to digitize the built environment, especially prevalent within the infrastructure space.

What challenges do you encounter in Canada?

  • The vast geographic expanse of Canada presents the challenge of unifying all our regions’ efforts towards the buildingSMART Canada Roadmap for Lifecycle BIM in Canada. The affiliates were put in place in part to help mitigate this challenge.
  • Contract types add complexity to BIM/Digitization aspirations. There is a perception that Bid-build contracts are not complimentary to BIM, whereas Design-build and Public-Private-Partnerships (P3) are better suited. BIM is applicable for all contract types.
  • The recognized value of BIM/digitization by Canadian Asset Owners is generally progressing slower than anticipated.

 What are the main opportunities for the Canadian market?

Efficiency: enabled through digitization that fosters optimized decision-making.

Reliability: accuracy of available information before, during & post-construction.

Sustainability: climate change impact.

Leadership: opportunity to be global digitization leader. 

Digitalization is more and more present today; what do you do in the Canadian chapter to meet the challenges it poses:

buildingSMART Canada is uniting key stakeholders to rationalize the impact of digitization across various sectors of the AECOOM community to identify common obstacles and identify/develop solutions and best practices to overcome these barriers.

What vision, as a Canadian chapter, would you give to the whole community?

Our vision includes digitalization of the entire built environment ecosystem (digital twin), interconnected with the physical built environment that enables informed decision-making for all stakeholders.

What is your overall vision of the future? I envisage a fully digital ecosystem that encompasses all facets of the built environment, enabling evidence-based decisions based on real-time reliable intelligence.

Would you like to add something else? I believe we are at the precipice of the most disruptive and rapid pace of change our industry has ever experienced, poised to yield seemingly limitless opportunities for digitizing the built environment.

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Resumé: William (Bill) Moore.

Bill is an active contributor to international, national and regional Building Information Modeling (BIM) committees and organizations. Bill sits as the Treasurer and Board of Director member for buildingSMART International, is the president of buildingSMART Canada, represents the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada (ACEC) as the Chair of the Institute for BIM in Canada, is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Standards Council of Canada Mirror Committee, the Consulting Engineers of Alberta’s BIM Task Force, and is the chairman and founder of the Calgary BIM Community.

Throughout his more than 30-year career, Bill has been innovating, leveraging and implementing disruptive technology (including BIM) within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry for large & mid-sized firms globally.