Casey Rutland

Casey Rutland

First name: Casey

Last name: Rutland

Chapter: UK & Ireland

Role: Chair

Where do you live? Hampshire, England

Work history: Professionally, I’m an architect and spent most of my career designing and delivering sports stadia around the world.  Since 2013, my roles have been focussed on digital transformation through the application of (B)IM and data processes.  I now run, my digital transformation consultancy working with real estate stakeholders.  I’m lucky that my work brings together my three passions, the built environment, digital and sustainability.

How long have you been involved in openBIM and buildingSMART? Since 2012, Chair of UK&I since December 2019

What do you like the most about your work in your chapter? I love the enthusiasm, experience and energy of our community – particularly now (in 2023) where ‘our’ global openBIM approach is in demand by a wide range of organisations and initiatives.

The greatest success achieved within your chapter? Our greatest success under my Chairmanship has without a doubt been our ‘IFC Special Report’.  The brain-child of one of our Vice Chairs, Emma Hooper, it is a mini-magazine published in AEC Magazine.  The success of it, is that it has been praised as being written in plain language – hence reaching a wider cross-section of industry practitioners and leaders.

What does openBIM mean to you? openBIM is an enabler, to help solve many of society’s challenges – from decarbonisation to life safety, from ‘just in time’ maintenance to optimised asset management, from the status quo to new business models – a global standard for built environment data is fundamental to scalable industry progress.

What is the biggest challenge the community is facing today? Organisations creating their own data structure!

What challenges do you encounter in your country? Apathy and addressing historic misconceptions.

What are the main opportunities for your market? Inspiration and adoption.

Digitalization is more and more present today; what do you do in your chapter to meet the challenges it poses: We aim to involve, inspire and support people whatever their role.

What vision, as a chapter leader, would you give to the whole community?

What is your overall vision of the future? Our ultimate vision is a thriving and sustainable built and natural environment transformed by exploiting purpose driven interoperable data.”

Would you like to add something else?

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Twitter URL: @BuildingSMARTUK

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Resumé: I work with real estate stakeholders to add digital agility to people, process and technology.  Beginning with an empathy-driven approach, daily challenges are eased through the application of open standards & processes with relevant technologies. The outcomes are repeatable and scalable, with interoperable data outputs, creating sustainable (business and environmental) benefits.

I'm passionate about helping companies realise the benefits of introducing digital workflows and the resulting data. I'm a Keynote Speaker, University Lecturer, Sustainability Champion, Diversity Champion and offer my time to nima (formerly the UK BIM Alliance), buildingSMART UK & Ireland, the UK Government Construction Leadership Council and ZERO Construct to advise and assist in the digital transformation of those involved in the built and natural environment.