Ole Berard

Ole Berard

Chapter: Danish

Role: Chapter Leader

Where do you live? Copenhagen

Work history:

Head Digitalization, Molio

Business Manager, buildingSMART Denmark

Head of Digitalization, Züblin Scandinavia

Department Manager, MT Højgaard

BIM consultant, Autodesk

BIM specialist, MT Højgaard

Structural Engineer, Grontmij|Carl Bro

How long have you been involved in openBIM and buildingSMART? Since 2008

What do you like the most about your work in your chapter? Working together with dedicated people.

The greatest success achieved within your chapter? Establishing a Danish chapter in 2020, that has grown over the years, and now consists of ten partners and 3 domains.

What does openBIM mean to you? OpenBIM is at the core of our mission at buildingSMART Denmark, representing a collaborative and standardized approach to Building Information Modeling. It signifies the seamless exchange of digital data across the construction industry, enabling interoperability between diverse software tools and stakeholders. OpenBIM empowers us to create efficient, transparent, and sustainable building projects while fostering innovation and industry-wide collaboration.

What is the biggest challenge the community is facing today? The biggest challenge facing the buildingSMART community today is ensuring the widespread adoption and implementation of openBIM standards and practices across the construction industry to ensure seamless collaboration and data interoperability.

What challenges do you encounter in your country? The biggest challenge is that many believe that we have succeeded with buildingSMART and openBIM and there is nothing left to do. Even though the journey has only just begun.

What are the main opportunities for your market? Implementation of openBIM in infrastructure and utility providers. They are very interested and there is huge potential. Technologically I believe there is also huge potential in implementing of IDS in our processes. Embracing sustainability and demonstrating how openBIM can ensure the sustainability of construction and infrastructure projects.

Digitalisation is more and more present today; what do you do in your chapter to meet the challenges it poses:

The focus in the Danish chapter is the implementation of openBIM, that by making openBIM part of the present digitalization, by sharing information and insight about best practice with openBIM.

What vision, as a chapter leader, would you give to the whole community? As a chapter leader, my vision for the entire community is to foster a future where digitalization in the construction industry is seamlessly integrated, promoting innovation, sustainability, and collaboration across all stakeholders. Together, we can drive the widespread adoption of openBIM principles and standards, ultimately creating more efficient, transparent, and resilient built environments for our communities.

What is your overall vision of the future? My vision for the future is to support the development of methods that increase the sustainability of our industry. I am committed to driving the widespread adoption of openBIM standards, digitalization, and eco-conscious practices to create a greener and more efficient building sector. Our focus will be on fostering collaboration between all industry stakeholders, positioning Denmark as a leader in innovative, data-driven, and sustainable construction solutions that not only benefit our society but also contribute significantly to environmental preservation.

Website URL: https://molio.dk/nyheder-og-viden/netvaerk/buildingsmart-danmark/english

LinkedIn URL: https://dk.linkedin.com/company/buildingsmart-danmark

Resumé: Short resume (50 words)

Ole Berard is the business manager of buildingSMART Denmark and has for 15 years been committed to reshape our industry to become more productive and sustainable by using collaborative methods based on openBIM and other shared digital technologies.