Pierre Mit

Pierre Mit

Chapter Chairman of France

Where do you live? Dangé-St-Romain, in the north of the Aquitaine region, France.

Work history:  I have worked in the construction industry as an economist since 1974.

How long have you been involved in openBIM and buildingSMART? I discovered both openBIM and buildingSMART in 2006, being a part of a government-funded program led by Mediaconstruct/buildingSMART France.

What do you like the most about your work with buildingSMART France? I get to meet with other stakeholders as they are all part of the whole building and infrastructure lifecycle and this is vital for our industry.

The greatest success achieved within bS-France? Constantly moving forward and taking our mission from dream to reality. Everything is not perfect yet, but we are making great progress.

What does openBIM mean to you? Freedom through the management and exchange of data.

What is the biggest challenge the community is facing today? As a community, we need to define rules to facilitate openBIM concerning the specifications of each local culture. Localization is very important.

What challenges do you encounter in France? We struggle against a misconception that BIM is only for major projects. We must not forget all those that benefit from BIM including smaller projects and organizations.

What are the main opportunities for the French market? Owners are now considering BIM to be key for asset management. The industry also sees the whole lifecycle is important. This I believe is a key point for the development of BIM for the future.

Digitalization is more and more present today; what do you do in the French chapter to meet the challenges it poses: We must not feel overwhelmed. We must move forward and set up a good strategy for the development of openBIM taking into consideration for all stakeholders in adopting digital technologies.

What vision, as a French chapter, would you give to the whole community? We must the theme of “digital”, from the Internet-of-things to other such trends are managed in different territories. With openBIM, we can start to achieve these very challenging goals.

What is your overall vision of the future? We are in a transition phase. Roughly we can say that today, the senior professionals master the production of data, whereas the younger master the transfer of the data. This difference will disappear in the future and we will see greater harmony across disciplines.

Would you like to add something else? All this is a great human and technical adventure that must be accomplished together with mutual respect for all stakeholders.

Website URL: https://www.buildingsmartfrance-mediaconstruct.fr/

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mediaconstructbuildingsmartfrance/about/

Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/buildingsmartfr

Resumé: Pierre Mit.

Associate Professor at CNAM - Engineering school in Paris (Construction, Economics & BIM), member of the international network Cobaty and Chairman of buildingSMART France since 2015, member of the RICS. Pierre Mit regularly intervenes everywhere in France to encourage all professionals to take advantage of BIM. Construction economist and former Chairman of the UNTEC (National Union of Construction Economist) for 6 years, Pierre Mit co-managed the "BIM and heritage management" report of the Government « Sustainable Building Plan » in 2014. As such, he was deeply involved in the initialization of the French official « Digital Transition Plan in the Building ». He has participated in the EU BIM Task Group » since its creation in 2015