Chapter Membership Details

buildingSMART provides an environment where parties who share our goals and ambitions for open BIM can join together for the co-development and implementation of International Standards and compliance regimes.

Membership is expected to be a two way process.  Members benefit from the collective activities of other members locally and internationally. Members are therefore expected to play an active role not only in identifying issues but also the development of solutions.

BuildingSMART is a not for profit organisation and does not therefore have funds of its own to set up and run independent projects. Projects are therefore co-developed with members of all categories

Chapter Membership

Chapters are national membership organisations whose purpose is to promote and drive forward the active use of open data standards in a particular territory. Typically chapters will have or aspire to play a leading role in influencing the industry or governmental strategy for the adoption of open standards within their particular country of operation. They are expected to have or build significant user engagements from across the build environment industry value chain and to provide services that are relevant to and respond to the current in-country needs of users. Chapters are expected to identify standards or compliance requirements and actively participate in our international programs to address these issues.

Individuals and corporate entities whose primary interest is in the use and application of open data standards as is relevant and possible today in a particular country will normally join the national chapter in that country.

Chapter Members are represented in buildingSMART International programs collectively through the Chapter voting rights.

Chapter Membership is organised by each country chapter.


All chapters are expected to aspire to and aim to become full chapters. In order to assist new chapters in the early stages of formation a chapter may initially join as a developing chapter. This status is normally only available for a maximum of three years.

Full Chapters are voting members of the BuildingSMART International Council which is the most senior governance body within the buildingSMART group. Full Chapters also entitled to two votes within the Standards Committee one of these votes should be caste to represent the technical views within the Chapter and the other to represent user views within the chapter.

Developing Chapters are able to send observers to the International Council Meeting and allowed one vote on the standards committee.

Only Full Chapters may propose and vote on candidates to assume roles on ExCom.

The annual rate for Established Chapter Membership is €20,000.00 and for Developing Chapter Membership €10,000.00.

Membership Agreements

BuildingSMART intends to develop a formal business process document, an intellectual property agreement, membership and chapter agreement. All members will be required enter into these agreements.