buildingSMART International aims to provide rigorous software certification, user verification and compliance programs to the minimum level needed to assure the marketplace and adequately support user uptake. We will franchise these compliance schemes world wide.



Certification ofAuthorityTesting Compliance
SoftwarebSILicensed 3rd Parties
ProductsbSILicensed 3rd Parties
CompaniesbSILicensed 3rd Parties
ProcessesbSILicensed 3rd Parties

License toTrainingTesting Compliance
PeopleLocal ChapterLocal Chapter Licensed 3rd Parties
ProductsLocal ChapterLocal Chapter Licensed 3rd Parties
CompaniesLocal ChapterLocal Chapter Licensed 3rd Parties
ProcessesLocal ChapterLocal Chapter Licensed 3rd Parties

The Compliance Program is led directly by ExCom members at the present time.  The program is considered in two parts; Software Certification activities and Competence and Quality Assurance schemes.

The Software Certification activities are supported by the Implementation Support Group. The Competence and Quality Assurance scheme are at early stages of development.

BIM Competence for Individuals

bSI plans to develop the minimum training requirement for IFC, IDM, MVD, BCF and bsDD. Each Chapter will be able to include additional material to meet local requirements. Once the training requirement has been established bSI will develop a franchise model for training and certification of the individual.

BIM Competence for Organisations

The certification scheme will test the ability of a business to meet the client’s needs in regards to delivering BIM. The scheme will be in the same format as ISO 9000 (quality system) as it requires the organisation to show that they have the policies and working procedures required to meet the standards. Once established the scheme will be franchised to chapters and assesor organisations.

BIM Process and Deliverables Data Quality

Certification of data deliverables during a project between actors within the supply chain and the client.

  1. Certificated Data Exchange formats
  2. Certificated Document exchange

BIM Product Data Quality

Minimum data requirements templates are anticipated for product types. This BIM‐product data, based on bSI standards like IFC‐for‐Products and bSDD must be correct. The certification scheme will assess quality‐control procedures and data certification standards.