Software Certification

Investment in the IFC Certification has been significant. The execution of this program was closely supported by software vendors and our Implementer Support Group (ISG). It has proved the value of our test bed capability and provided a body of knowledge as to what is really needed to support users. Many applications became certified for IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0. Our Certification scheme for IFC4, launched 26th June 2017, is built on the experience of the past years.

IFC4 Reference View and Design Transfer View Certification

Based on the experience with IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0, IFC4 Certification has been split into two more specific view definitions to better support the purpose of IFC data exchange.

Reference View

Launched 26th June 2017 on our new cloud-documentation platform known as the ‘b-Cert platform’. Please register for certification at

Purpose: To support the coordination of the planning disciplines; architecture, structural analysis and building services. Especially to support clash detection and resolution of issues resulting from geometry. This can be understood as a CV2.0 with slightly reduced and more focused range.

Design Transfer View

Purpose: To support the transfer of model data to be used for further design, analysis, estimating and facility management tasks. This can be understood as a CV2.0 with some extended range. Certification of the DTV will be launched, after some issues in this view definition are resolved.

Certification of both view definitions will differentiate between export and import. Also it will support the specific exchange requirements like the previous CV2.0.

These view definitions do not cover data-roundtrip.

IFC2×3 Coordination View Certification

This software certification scheme has tested the Coordination View Certification 2.0 (CV 2.0) for export and import of IFC2x3 files. The export test options are available to take account of the following exchange requirements.

Export of IFC2x3 files tests the following exchange requirements:

  • Architect model
  • Structure Engineer model
  • Building Service Engineer model – Import

All three exchanges have to be supported while the importing application has to deal with it according to its purpose and functionality

Data-roundtrip is not included in this view definition and therefore is not tested by this certification.

Due to the high numbers of implementation of IFC2x3 CV 2.0 in the market, certification may still make sense, while the focus for the future is now on IFC4.