Software Certification

Software Certification Program

As part of the global Compliance Program, the buildingSMART Software Certification program helps software vendors certify their applications against industry benchmarks to ensure international standards are implemented and used around the world. Certifications provide validation for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) data exchanges, digital workflows and data quality to ensure work done in the built asset industry has the right assurance and quality for professionals to deliver their work.

Certifications help provide trust and support for clients, end-users and software vendors who want to support international standards and to ensure the industry can remain productive and efficient.

At this moment the Software Certification Program is undergoing a migration to a new system. The aim is to make it more agile, modular and focused to enhance overall interoperability against the IFC schema as modernisation work continues against the Technical and Strategic Roadmaps.

In parallel, the Software Certification program will be extended with BCF, API and potentially IDS Certification to enable better reliability for standards beyond IFC as well.


Check your IFC file

The first step to check the output of your software is to check the IFC file your produced with it. You can use our IFC validation service for this. Upload your IFC 2x3, IFC 4 or IFC 4.3 file and validate your data against the IFC standard and industry practices.


The validation service is part of our strategic projects. Watch this video on how you can contribute to the validation service developments, or learn more in this flyer.  A full overview of our strategic projects can be found here.


If you want to know more about the capabilities of software there are two options:

See which software tools consistency implement IFC

IFC Software Certification

Based on the IFC uploads to the validation service, we use metrics to analyse the IFC quality of different software tools. This metrics dashboard is not public yet and currently under development as a strategic project.

Watch this video to learn more, or view this flyer to see how you can support this work.

Learn what software is able to support a certain use-case

Use Case based Certification

At the moment, bSI is developing a new Use Case based certification. These are fully aligned to the Strategic Projects and are outline in the Strategic Roadmap.

Contact us for more info about the best route for your certification needs.

Strategic projects

The IFC Validation service and the new IFC Software Certification system are both part of our 'Strategic Projects' portfolio. Get a full overview here.