Documents API Receives Final Standard Approval

London, (December 21, 2023) – buildingSMART International is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Documents API has reached Final Standard status. This approval marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more integrated and efficient digital workflows in the building and infrastructure industries.

The Documents API standard is designed to facilitate seamless sharing and management of documents across various software platforms used in the AEC industry. This standard will improve how professionals in the field interact with digital documents, enhancing collaboration and reducing the time spent on managing data across different systems.

The involvement of software vendors in the development and implementation of buildingSMART’s Documents API has helped to deliver this standard to the final approval status. These vendors played a crucial role in not only shaping the API to ensure it met the diverse needs of the industry but also in rigorously testing and providing feedback to refine its functionality. Their active participation was instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical standards and practical, usable technology.

With the final standard now approved, this standard looks set to receive widespread adoption and use.

Léon van Berlo, Technical Director, buildingSMART International, commented "Documents API becoming a final standard is exciting as it not only adds an important standard to our growing library, but it will add value to end-users. We were delighted with software vendor engagement in not only developing this standard but also in helping to improve it, so it is ready for use in the market”.

Effective Information Management Workflows

“The Documents API functionality of Bimsync helps Schiphol Group in creating and maintaining innovative assets serving airlines and passengers. This is made happen by enabling a more efficient and effective Asset Information Management workflow. Also, this functionality enables Schiphol to integrate more seamless with partners and stakeholders to achieve our common goal of creating the world’s most sustainable high-quality airports.” said Milan Seegers, BIM adviseur Asset Management at Schiphol Airport.

Daan Arts, BIM manager Hercuton, responds “We are really excited about the Documents API because it fits perfectly within our vision of being a data driven company with open-source connections. We believe in linking the best solutions together instead of buying one package. This API helps us realize our mission better, quicker and more effectively. The tool is easy to use and our teams can’t wait to save time and avoid mistakes by having direct access to our CDE, Bimsync, while working in our model checker, Solibri. No more downloading, copying files and uploading files is exactly what we need to create happy users!”

About buildingSMART International

buildingSMART International is a vendor-neutral and not for profit body that leads the development of open standards that support digital information flows across the built asset industry. Its mission is to proactively engage industry participants who want to develop open standards for planning, design, procurement, assembly and operation of buildings and infrastructure worldwide. It provides the international network plus the necessary technical and process support to develop consensus based open standards. Its members, who range from across the entire built environment spectrum, collaborate under the buildingSMART organization and management. buildingSMART also partners with other international standards bodies such as ISO, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Its core Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standard achieved ISO approval in 2012.

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