DocumentsAPI out for review by Standards Committee as Candidate Standard

BuildingSMART, the AEC industry's digital transformation leader, has taken a significant step towards enhancing collaboration and interoperability. Their groundbreaking 'DocumentsAPI' has been submitted as a candidate standard to the standards committee. This milestone brings us closer to a future where seamless information exchange and streamlined workflows become the norm.

The DocumentsAPI addresses the challenges faced in sharing project documentation effectively. By providing a standardized framework, it has the potential to revolutionize workflows, reduce errors, and improve project delivery times. If approved, this API will empower professionals to connect diverse software tools, fostering transparency and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

BuildingSMART has requested the Standards Committee to review, ensuring the DocumentsAPI aligns with industry needs. This submission underscores the commitment to driving the industry's digital transformation on multiple levels.

Voting closes on 22nd September 2023.

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