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Infrastructure Extensions Deployment: Project Update and Context (Workshop 1)

March 23, 2020 @ 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Virtual Workshop 1

Infrastructure Extensions Deployment: Project Update and Context

This workshop will be presented in the form of a webinar and is targeted at the general community within the InfraRoom and Railway Rooms. Its purpose is to describe briefly how we have reached the current status in the development of the IFC infrastructure extensions, leading to the establishment of a Candidate Standard (expected to be formally approved by bSI ahead of this event) and outline in greater detail the next steps required to deliver a Final Standard.

This Candidate Standard incorporates proposed IFC extensions for Rail, Road, Ports & Waterways and Bridge, including earlier work on alignment and its associated geometry specifications needed for linear infrastructure.

The Workshop will focus on the next step in this work, namely, to validate and test the proposed IFC extensions though a rigorous deployment project that will be executed as a collaboration between the Railway and Infrastructure Rooms.

This Workshop is presented for general information and designed to stand alone as an update for the general infrastructure community while also serving to provide the context for the following set of three Virtual Workshops. There will be time allowed for questions and feedback, but the primary purpose will be to provide a progress update and plans for next steps.