Geo Digital Twin and openBIM – webinar with buildingSMART International, ACCA software, Esri and RFI

Date: Friday 15th December
Speakers: Aidan Mercer, Marc Goldman, Giovanni Alessandro Esposito, Michelangelo Cianciulli, Donatella Fochesato

The AECO market increasingly requires digital systems for the management of complex assets oriented towards BIM and GIS integration and based on open standards, to guarantee the construction and management of the information system over time, data ownership, and security.

During this webinar, buildingSMART International will present technology trends and standardization strategies for creating Geo Digital Twins.

We will continue by delving into how the market solutions offered by ACCA software and Esri enable integrated management between the openBIM world and the GIS world, examining the functionality and use cases linked to management via the Geo Digital Twin.

Finally, a success story will be presented regarding the application of these paradigms in the Transportation sector, Railway area: RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) will illustrate the implementation strategy applied to the MUIF (Single Railway Infrastructure Model) and the results of the analysis and experiments conducted.