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How openBIM can help you

openBIM offers you a means to directly increase national productivity and competitiveness, and increase construction sector performance and sustainability. By providing a common, machine-interpretable BIM language, it enables seamless and reliable interoperability between and amongst designers, constructors, asset managers and wider stakeholders. This unlocks efficiencies through process automation, and gives all parties the best possible information platform on which to optimise their decisions, be it for productivity, profitability or sustainability. Furthermore, it ensures long-term ownership control over asset data, preventing lock-in to proprietary data formats, giving organisations the freedom to select the tools that work best for them, encouraging innovation by ensuring interoperability with new applications, and promoting built asset sustainability on a national scale by guaranteeing access to building information records decades into the future.

Control your digital destiny

openBIM means you can control your digital destiny, by better defining your requirements and data needs to make better informed decisions and better asset performance. With a growing number of governments an policy makers mandating the use of open standards, buildingSMART provides the right framework, governance and innovations to support the demands for governements and policy makers around the world to take advantage of the power of openBIM. By being part of the buildinSMART community, you can define how the future of standards and services can look like. Find out how BIM-based permitting became an award winning project.


Improving public services

Better access to key and critical information is key to ensuring public projects can be delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards. The benefits of improving information flow can ensure enhanced asset management for public assets in operation. The ability to innovate and demonstrate best practices is key, and open standards help to ensure this can happen. Find out how in Norway they applied innovation in machine-readable formats to improve collaboration and public services.

Ways to get involved with buildingSMART International

There are a variety of ways of getting involved at buildingSMART.
Help to develop or implement standards and services to benefit the industry.

Learn more about openBIM landmark projects

Future Insight - Implementation of BIM-based building permit process in Estonia

The Estonian government wanted to mandate and make the most of a BIM-based building permitting process to ensure it could more efficiently plan and deliver services to the citizens. This innovative project provided unique innovations to ensure IFC was at the heart of the permitting process.


Bond Bryan Digital - Department for Education: Gen Zero

This research and development project ensured a suite of software applications was applied to an information management platform based on IFC and COBie to support a capability assessment to see how design models could be better shared.

Image: courtesy Ares Landscape Architects


"We mandate in our EIRs that models have to be delivered in a certain way, in IFC. We have our best foot forward here in that we work with openBIM. Not limiting the access to the providers. They can use any software that they choose."

Yerko Jeria, Digital Building Information
Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Chile
bSI Virtual Summit 2021

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