How openBIM enables Infrastructure design and construction

Date: Wednesday, July 26th 2023

Speakers: Marc Goldman, Marek Suchoki and David Alvarez

Esri and Autodesk collaborate to exchange best practices and foster innovation in the field of Infrastructure. Their partnership extends to a wide range of topics, including openBIM methodologies. Together, they work towards refining and enhancing the process of BIM and GIS, ensuring interoperability and collaboration between their software systems. By sharing their expertise, Esri and Autodesk enable professionals in the infrastructure sector to leverage the power of geospatial data and 3D modelling, resulting in more efficient and sustainable project outcomes. Their combined efforts push the boundaries of infrastructure design and implementation, leading to advancements that benefit industries worldwide.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Status on Esri and Autodesk platforms regarding import and export IFC data
  • Best practices of working with openBIM in GIS and BIM environments
  • openBIM Interoperability between leading geospatial and design applications
  • Hear customer proof-points on how they have implemented best practices