IFC 4.3 Infra and Rail Extension Deployment Production Standard out for vote

The IFC 4.3 Infra Extension Deployment project and the IFC Rail Project teams are asking the Standards Committee to consider and approve as a Production Standard the output from their coordinated projects. Voting closes on 20th October 2021. These Projects have harmonized and validated IFC 4.3 for Roads, Railways, Bridges, Earthworks, Geotechnics, Ports & Waterways. This will deliver IFC 4.3 as an official buildingSMART production standard which will be made available to implement and use by the industry at large. The two main objectives of these projects are: 1. Validation of the Production Standard schema in accordance with the bSI Process based on test-cases implemented and tested in collaboration with software vendors. 2. Harmonization of taxonomies and property set definitions across the domains (Road, Rail, Bridge, Ports & Waterways). Both objectives serve the same common goal: to deliver a refined IFC schema and documentation with harmonized property sets to be submitted to bSI for SC voting to become a Production Standard.

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