IFC Bridge Candidate Standard is Available for Review and Comment

IFC Bridge has reached Candidate Standard and is ready for international review. buildingSMART is calling on the industry for comment with access to the candidate standard.

As part of the buildingSMART International consensus, input is required in order to progress the standard to the next stage of the bSI process. All standards go through this process in order to reach consensus. buildingSMART currently has 20+ active projects.

The IFC Bridge standard is a key document aimed at extending the IFC schema to include bridges.  The infrastructure portfolio at buildingSMART is strong and we believe that the international community will wish to review this latest offering to shape its content before being published as a bSI Final Standard.

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive, buildingSMART International commented that “the Bridge Candidate standard is a major piece of truly international work and is a key milestone for buildingSMART as well as the project. It demonstrates the growing international uptake of our standards. Candidate Standard status is an important achievement when the work moves from development to implementation and testing. These are new and important agenda items. Our collective ability to tackle these requirements builds on the growing industry engagement and support, and represent a fundamentally exciting time for our community and the industry at large.”

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