IFC Infrastructure Alignment Deployment – call for participation

Developments in the Infrastructure Alignment 1.1 have culminated with the delivery of Alignment 1.0.5 and Alignment 1.1 Candidate Standard.

While the Alignment 1.1 standard undergoes public review in the IFC4.1 RC3 release, the Infrastructure Room requests assistance in acquiring funding for the continuation of Work Package 5 of the Alignment 1.1 project into 2017; namely the IFC Alignment Deployment project.

2016 has not only seen the development of the standard, but interest and commitment has also been cultivated with Deployment Teams and software vendors and/or suppliers. By the end of 2016 seven regional Deployment Teams and fifteen software vendors and/or suppliers were highly committed to implementing the standard, with applications continuing into the new year. The Infrastructure Room is looking to continue the support provided to teams and software vendors and/or suppliers, seeing as:

  • most teams have just started implementing the standard and will require expert advice
  • adoption of the Alignment standard is at a critical point and will require further support to continue to pick up critical mass.

The project is expected to run during Q1 and Q2 of 2017 and we invite interested parties to provide funding to continue the project into 2017.

We also welcome in-kind contribution and participation in this international project.

The InfraRoom Steering Committee therefore requests recommendations of client organizations who would be willing to participate in and fund the continuation of the IFC Alignment Deployment project.

Please register your interest by emailing contact@buildingsmart.org