IFC4 Software Certification Delivers Next Major Milestone

London, (June 12, 2019) – buildingSMART International announces the approved IFC4 Reference View 1.2 Export Certification (Architectural Reference Exchange) for software provider GRAPHISOFT. This certification is the latest major milestone for the much anticipated IFC4 version release and further strengthens the burgeoning need for open and interoperable solutions and standards. It is anticipated more software vendors will be certified soon.

The new IFC4 certification means GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD officially meets the export criteria for the buildingSMART certification requirements. This standard gives users a publicly defined and accepted standard to serve as the basis for contracts. “GRAPHISOFT is committed to supporting effective collaboration in the building industry through open BIM workflows, and we are pleased to provide ARCHICAD customers with high quality and fast performance in using IFC4 as a key enabler for that collaboration.” said Huw Roberts, CEO at GRAPHISOFT.“IFC4 provides a valuable way to collaborate in BIM that is not locked to any particular software vendor and therefore enables AECO professionals to successfully collaborate within project teams utilizing a wide range of tools to best suit their needs.

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive, buildingSMART International said, “we are delighted to announce IFC4 Reference View certification for ARCHICAD. I believe this will have not only a positive effect on the industry but also motivate the community to keep the momentum up as we collectively aim to fulfil our goals”.

About the Software Certification Program

buildingSMART’s software certification program spreads the spectrum of stakeholders in the industry and provides open and neutral approval for software applications. Certification enables clients to specify the delivery of services and data without worrying about format, compatibility, or versioning of platforms used by the service providers or the client internally. The only requirement, which can even be specified in contracts, is that IFC certified software and data exchange and/or delivery is used.

The buildingSMART IFC Certification processes provide the participating software developers with a quality assurance methodology, a series of testing tools, a series of test cases for export and import (at different scales and complexity), and access to a team of IFC experts.

In 2017 there was a significant upgrade to the previous IFC2x3 certification program with a new cloud-based platform for IFC4.

About IFC4

IFC4 Certification has been split into two more specific view definitions to better support the purpose of IFC data exchange. Design Transfer View aims to support the transfer of model data to be used for further design, analysis, estimating and facility management tasks. This can be understood as a CV2.0 with some extended range. Reference View aims to support the coordination of the planning disciplines; architecture, structural analysis and building services, especially to support clash detection and resolution of issues resulting from geometry.

To register for IFC4, you can visit this site: http://www.b-cert.org/

See the full list of certified software.

To learn more about ARCHICAD see www.graphisoft.com/archicad.