Individual Qualification Scheme Launched

New framework to promote consistent training

Training in BIM varies from country to country, and even within countries, so when a company recruits a qualified BIM manager, how does it judge the value of that qualification?

With the globalisation of the industry comes the need for global standards of training. So the launch of bSI’s professional certification – developed to meet this need – is significant. ‘There is excellent BIM training in many countries, but what we have lacked is a framework for ensuring consistent scope and standards of training,’ explains Mark Baldwin, from buildingSMART Switzerland, who leads the professional certification program.

BuildingSMART, recognised as the international home of openBIM, is uniquely placed to provide a global framework for BIM training. Bringing together representatives of several chapters, a working group has developed a ‘learning outcome framework’ (LOF) which sets out the scope and depth of BIM training for individuals. Learning objectives for each element are set out. Training providers can adopt the framework, using their own course materials but ensuring that the course content meets the requirements of the framework. Trainers can also add country-specific material in an additional module.

‘We are talking here about short courses lasting 1–3 days,’ says Mark. ‘This is what we call individual qualification and have labelled Phase 1 of the professional certification. Phase 2, the certification of companies practising BIM, is to follow.’

The video below is the launch of the initiative at the October 2017 International Summit in London.

After training, applicants can take an online exam. The exam, developed by the working group and a derivation of one created by buildingSMART Norway, will be adapted for local markets.

Individual qualification will be managed by the Chapters, working with training organisations who want to be recognised by buildingSMART. Mark stresses that buildingSMART has no intention of setting up in competition with existing training providers. In fact buildingSMART will not be delivering the actual training. ‘We want to work with training providers to support them and approve their course content,’ he says.

The next step is for chapters to engage with local industry and use their contacts to promote the Individual Qualification program. Now, at the launch of the program, Mark is grateful for the support of the external advisory panel, the sponsors and the expertise of the working group. ‘I’m incredibly proud, on behalf of the team, to represent the work of buildingSMART,’ concludes Mark. ‘The program will broaden our impact.

Professional Certification - Benefits for All

  • standardised course content based on latest best practices
  • globally recognised qualification
  • simple, secure online testing process after training
  • opportunity to upskill staff in accordance with an internationally recognised benchmark
  • access to standardised training in any participating country
  • clear demonstration of a company’s BIM competency
  • opportunity to revitalise or kick-start course content by using the bSI LOF
  • access to learning guidelines and support from local chapter
  • enhanced reputation through buildingSMART-approved courses
  • Easy to adopt program, with online platform requires minimal customisation
  • strengthened relationships with local members
  • new income stream

buildingSMART CEO, Richard Petrie, believes the program will have a widespread impact across the global industry.

'It will provide a stable reference point for professionals working in the field of Building Information Modelling. It will also assist employers in recruiting BIM professionals as well as providing transparency for project developers in procuring BIM competent consulting or contracting firms.'

The link to the relevant page on our web site is here: Professional Certification 

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Professional Certification Sponsors

The program is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved or sponsoring the program.