Information Delivery Specification (IDS) Gains Approval as Candidate Standard

buildingSMART's Information Delivery Specification (IDS) has been approved as a candidate standard, marking a crucial stride for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) sector.

buildingSMART, a nonprofit focused on transforming the AECO sector through open digital information flows, proposed the IDS as a solution to standardize the exchange of building information management (BIM) data in construction projects.

The IDS aims to enhance interoperability between digital tools and platforms, fostering efficiency and accuracy throughout built assets' lifecycle. Its approval signifies its readiness for more extensive real-world testing and evaluation.

The IDS candidate standard provides protocols for sharing and using BIM data, facilitating collaboration among industry stakeholders. It ensures that different digital tools and platforms can communicate using a common language, allowing seamless data flow across various applications.

This milestone comes at a pivotal moment as the AECO industry navigates the complexities of digital transformation. The IDS, as a candidate standard, could streamline digital workflows in construction, leading to time and cost savings.

As the IDS moves into the next stage of its journey, the feedback from stakeholders will be crucial in refining the standard. If all goes as planned, the IDS could be confirmed as an international standard within the next year, significantly transforming data sharing within the AECO industry.

The approval of the IDS as a candidate standard not only propels the AECO industry closer to digital maturity but also reaffirms buildingSMART's leading role in this critical transformation.

The Standards Committee feedback and results can be viewed using the following link.

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