Infra Deployment Expert Panel Jun 23, 2021, 02:00 PM CEST

The pioneering effort to extend IFC into the domain of Infrastructure is now nearing completion. The Infra Extension project seeks to harmonise and validate IFC 4.3 for Roads, Bridges, Earthworks, Geotechnics, Ports & Waterways. There is close collaboration with a similar effort within the IFC Rail Project and both Projects are working hard to deliver IFC 4.3 as an official buildingSMART production standard which will be made available to implement and use by the industry at large. On June 23rd at 14:00 CEST the Project Team will present the results of the endeavour to validate IFC4.3 before its general publication and implementation. As part of the buildingSMART standards process, we seek to ensure a broad international consensus for our development work is maintained. As experts in your field, this is an opportunity to analyse and critique our work. Following this event, we will analyse your feedback and use it to help us proceed with the next stage in the approvals process to have IFC4.3 published as an official buildingSMART production standard. Click the link to register!

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