New knowledge base site launched to support global openBIM® uptake

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User guides, process maps, tutorials, videos, and more are all available on the buildingSMART’s new Knowledge Base.

The new buildingSMART knowledge base is a site to provide information and share knowledge to support the industry uptake of openBIM. Within the knowledge base, there will be information on how to make the most of buildingSMART standards and services and provide guidance for end-users.

If you are a user of IFC, bSDD, BCF or other related standards and services, we need you!

The knowledge base is open and provided by buildingSMART International on their website. The intention is for the community to generate and moderate the content. Anyone can submit content, and over time we hope it will become a comprehensive guide to openBIM adoption and uptake. Content that is submitted will be reviewed and approved for publishing by bSI.

This blog outlines how to use the site and a step-by-step guide on making the most out of it. To rate an article, you’ll see these buttons beneath each article:

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Why create content on the knowledge base?

By publishing high-quality buildingSMART approved user guides, process maps, tutorials, and more, buildingSMART aims to help remove barriers to openBIM uptake for a global audience.

Over time, as a community, we will develop user, domain, and discipline specific content to progress the adoption of openBIM.


  • More shared industry knowledge
  • Increased uptake of openBIM
  • Better IFC support
  • Increased industry understanding of open standards and solutions
  • More consistent and reliable methods for openBIM adoption
  • Deeper industry understanding of operating within an openBIM approach
  • Less re-work and discovery, leading to faster improvements and refinements

Why contribute to the knowledge base?

As an author you’ll be asked to provide a short bio and profile picture. If you are an openBIM consultant this is a great opportunity to showcase your know-how and expertise. For our Chapter networks, this is a site to share the lessons learned from your Chapter, our language concerns with a larger international community. As an international standards body, bSI has a large global network which provides authors with high levels of visibility.

How to become an author

Follow these steps to submit your content for review:

1. Go to

2. Click 'Submit Content'

Follow steps

3. Fill out the form:

Tell us about the content you want to share and why. Upload any files you have, either you can send us a video link (not a video file as they are too large), a PDF infographic, or a word document.

*File size must be less than 64mb

Then submit the form. You will hear back from us to confirm its publication.

To ensure accuracy and consistency in the best practices shared, bSI reserves the right to decide what gets published.

Submit Content

Other languages:

As a global community, we need content from all languages, the knowledge base has a language filter option at the bottom of the page, you can select a language and the website will show you only the articles written in that language.


If your language isn’t one of the options, you can also search for a specific language using the search bar. We’d like to encourage all our chapters to input content for the knowledge base as there is already so much good content out there, our aim is to bring it all to one centralized location and hopefully start translating content. The aim of this site is for it to become a comprehensive tool for everyone.