bSI Awards 2016

In 2014 buildingSMART International introduced its Business Gain through Open Technology awards and received submissions from organisations around the world. In 2016, buildingSMART introduced additional categories to highlight the way that open technology can bring tangible benefits to different parties in the AEC and facility management industries. It is also added a student category.

Winners of bSI Awards 2016

Design Using Open Technology

Project: KLM ICA

Business Lounge Asset Management Schiphol

Business Lounge Asset Management Schiphol, Schiphol Real Estate, Airside Operation, Project Management Luchthaven Schiphol, Benthem Crouwel NACO,  Royal HaskoningDHV, Deerns Nederland BV, Peutz, KLM tenant, deBimspecialist – Benelux Chapter

“An important benefit of using BIM is the increase of the quality of the product and the commitment of the designers by having the communication between design partners on the appropriate substantive level.” Peter Bouma, Senior Project Manager, Deerns Nederland BV

Comment by the Jury: An exceptional project exemplifying the opportunities available with open BIM.

Rasso Steinmann, Alex Worp, Yannick Vos and Jan Karlshoej

Presentation: From left to right: Rasso Steinmann, Alex Worp, Yannick Vos and Jan Karlshoej

Construction Using Open Technology

Project: Tiong Seng Building

Tiong Seng Building

Tiong Seng Properties, Tiong Seng Contractors, Laud Architects, LSW Consulting Engineers, Rankine & Hill,  TSC Innovation Builder, Steeltech Industries, Robin Village Development, Natsteel Holdings – Singapore Chapter

The construction team commented that “Early coordination in a BIM environment using IFC and BCF was a new experience for us; these tools enabled us to effectively provide valuable input early on, and throughout the entire project.” The architect shared that “Early collaboration with contractors and other consultants through the use of collaborative BIM helped us to regularize and perfect DfMA components before construction. This greatly enhanced the constructability and helped us to meet the tight 10-month construction schedule.”

Comment by the Jury: A great example of how open BIM is to be implemented. Qualified the benefits well. Included support for Design for Manufacture and Assembly.

Rasso Steinmann, Lim Tee Yoke and Jan Karlshoej

Operation & Maintenance Using Open Technology

Project: Felix Platter-Spital

Felix Platter-Spital

BAM Swiss and BAM Deutschland, Wörner traxler richter, Holzer Kobler Architekturen,  Gruner, Brunner Haustechnik, Enerpeak Salzmann , Buri Müller Partner, Lichtvision, club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten – Swiss Chapter

Statement of Jean-Luc Perrin – Client, Felix Platter-Hospital

“[…] the implementation of BIM methodology in the planner’s everyday activity leads to far-reaching changes, many open questions and high expectations, whose significance must be evaluated from different angles relative to the numerous trades and fields of work. Due to the unique circumstance that the Felix Platter-Hospital in Basel is a new and complex construction and, consequently, all core and support processes must be updated and modernized, there is a unique opportunity to consistently coordinate the model of a “Integral Lean Hospital”, that is, optimal coordination of the planning and construction with the process-supporting technology, the physical infrastructure and the working environment. The concurrent publications during the implementation phase provide a way to examine the advantages of BIM-integrated planning and the FM processes developed during operation and to give answers to numerous questions. This is not achieved through a theoretical scenario but with a real project under construction or in operation. […]”
Translated from DETAIL research, 2016

Comment by the Jury: A total solution providing significant value to the entire industry. The Construction Information Management System (CIMS) and the Virtual Maintenance System (VMS) has been bi-directionally connected with Computer Aided Facility Management System.

Rasso Steinmann, Chapter Representative Birgitta Schock and Jan Karlshoej

Presentation: From left to right: Rasso Steinmann, Chapter Representative Birgitta Schock and Jan Karlshoej

Best Student Project

Automated Interpreted Information Exchange in Engineering Analysis BIM Use Issa J. Ramaji, Penn State University – USA


Comment by the Jury: Innovative, agile, new method that is considering a practical way to generate value, not standardizing for the sake of standardizing.

Rasso Steinmann, Chapter Representative Greg Schleusner and Jan Karlshoej

Honourable Mention for Safety and Risk in the Category of Construction Using Open Technology

Construction of Suseo High Speed Railway

Construction of Suseo High Speed Railway Lot No.9 by Korea Rail Network Authority,  GS E&C, Taesung S&I, Yoosin Engineering – Korean Chapter

Rasso Steinmann, Chapter Representative Woonjae Lee and Jan Karlshoej

Honourable Mention for BIM/KIOSK on the Construction Site

Rasso Steinmann, Jan Myhre, Anstein Skinnarland and Jan Karlshoej

Presentation: From left to right: Rasso Steinmann, Jan Myhre, Anstein Skinnarland and Jan Karlshoej

Honourable Mention for Objective Study of Open BIM for Structural Analysis

BIM modelling for structural analysis by Wojciech Fleming, Poznan University of Technology – Nordic Chapter


The Jury of the Awards 2016

The Jury was as follows:

  • Fernando Blanco, Spanish Chapter
  • Jan Karlshoej, Nordic Chapter
  • Susan Keenliside, Canadian Chapter
  • Birgitta Schock, Swiss Chapter
  • Deke Smith, US Chapter
  • Benedict Wallbank, UK & Ireland Chapter