buildingSMART International Awards Program 2019

Do you have an exemplary project using buildingSMART openBIM solutions?

bSI is currently taking submissions for the following five (5) awards:


Entries must deploy one or more buildingSMART tools or standards, and are judged on how effectively, or how innovatively, they have used these to overcome interoperability challenges. Key documents which can be downloaded are as follows:

A completed submission form should be emailed to If successful for Stage 2, you will then receive access to a folder via an email to upload your evidence in accordance with the submission guide.

Submission Information

Submission Period - NOW OPEN

Email your completed submission form to

Key Dates

Deadline Date –APRIL 30, 2019 (Stage One – Registration Form);

MAY 14, 2019 (All Stage Two Documentation)

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Bejing Summit Meeting 29 October - 1st November 2019

Further details here

Richard Petrie

Richard Petrie

Chief Executive

"It’s an opportunity for companies to showcase their application of buildingSMART open standards and solutions as it applies to current challenges of interoperability faced during collaborative project delivery or asset operations".

The award was given for the first time at the international summit in Toronto in October 2014. View past projects for 2018 here and previous to that here.

Judges are called from each of the buildingSMART Chapters. If interested, please email


  • New category added: Professional Research *
    • This category is for academic, industry or government professionals that have engaged in a research project that includes openBIM testing, development or conceptual theories
    • The addition of this category compliments the existing Student Research award category
  • 3 Finalists will be determined for each award category
    • The jury will decide on 3 finalist per category
    • Finalists will be invited to present their project at the bSI Fall Summit
    • An expert panel will determine the winner of the award after viewing the presentations
  • Schedule changes: Judging to be completed before the summer begins
    • It is important that all work is completed prior to summer vacation
    • Finalists need to be notified well in advance to accommodate travel planning to the Summit


buildingSMART encourages the resubmission of projects to the awards program. In some cases, the past submission may not have fully demonstrated the accomplishments, or the project may have further advanced since the time of the last submission.


Eligibility Requirements

Does the project have to be completed to qualify for award consideration?

No. However the BIM Use Case being demonstrated for receipt of an award must have been completed.

Can the proposed project be in pre-planning phase?

Yes. If you have a completed BIM Use Case that can be demonstrated, you are welcome to submit your project for consideration.

Can we submit a project completed more than 2 years ago?

Yes. If you feel the project has merit and will be competitive with other submissions, you are welcome to submit your project for consideration.

Will projects that were submitted in previous years for the awards program be eligible?

Yes. If you feel the project has merit and will be competitive with other submissions, you are welcome to submit your project for consideration.

Will projects that have been submitted to Chapter awards programs (including winning projects) be eligible?

Yes. If you feel the project has merit and will be competitive with other submissions, you are welcome to submit your project for consideration.

Are the projects required to show successful IFC workflows?

No. While we greatly encourage the showcasing of successful IFC workflows, the awards program is for any user experience of buildingSMART open standards, tools and products.

Can a submission identify real world challenges with the use of IFC?

Absolutely! We encourage all well-documented experiences with all buildingSMART standards, tools and products.

Minimum Requirements

Project to fall under one of the following categories

  • Design: for projects submitting BIM Use Cases during programming phases through Construction documents
  • Construction: for projects submitting BIM Use Cases from Construction award through Handover
  • Operations & Maintenance: for projects submitting BIM Use Cases for Facilities Management
  • Student Research: for academic research projects demonstrating the testing, advancement or innovation to open standards and interoperability related to BIM Use Cases

Complete the Use Case Template for the project

This is intended to be a multi-page Excel file that allows you to provide evidence of your claimed usage of the various use cases in your award submission for which BIM can be applied.

We are not intending this to infer that we do not trust your claim, make extra work, or to be a punitive effort.

What we are asking is that you do this to highlight your abilities so that others may also learn how to implement those BIM use cases that you have clearly mastered.

To view the Use Case Template - click here.

Provide acceptable evidence that demonstrates each BIM Use Case on the project

You should provide evidence in the following areas;

Written Documents





Any form of information that can demonstrate a BIM Use Case.

  • Written statements describing how the BIM Use Case was utilized (eg. the workflows, outcomes, benefits, challenges)
  • Interviews/testimonials with project participants on why and how IFC was used
  • Presentations slides with screen shots and detailed descriptions
  • Flow charts showing BIM Use Case  workflows
  • Short ( 2-minute) videos demonstrating how Open Standards (eg. IFC) was used on the project

What types of evidence are NOT acceptable?

  • Project model files
  • Company Marketing material
  • Drone flyover video of the project