Calls for Participation

Working group on Classification

A call for participation At the buildingSMART International Summit in London, October 2017 it it was decided to form working group on Classification (Resolution PR2017 – 10:08). The aim is to develop a standard approach to implementing classification in conjunction with bSI standards for models (IFC), terminology (bSDD) and process (IDM/MVD). This will support open…

International Infrastructure Standard – call for participation

BuildingSMART is embarking on an ambitious program of work to deliver open standards for information exchange for infrastructure, responding to strong push from that sector for the adoption of openBIM processes.

IFC Infrastructure Alignment Deployment – call for participation

Developments in the Infrastructure Alignment 1.1 have culminated with the delivery of Alignment 1.0.5 and Alignment 1.1 Candidate Standard. While the Alignment 1.1 standard undergoes public review in the IFC4.1 RC3 release, the Infrastructure Room requests assistance in acquiring funding for the continuation of Work Package 5 of the Alignment 1.1 project into 2017; namely the IFC…

open BIM for Construction – call for participation

buildingSMART International is launching a new specialist forum, known as a Room , for developing and deploying open digital standards specifically for use during the construction phase. Kajima Corporation, one of our Strategic members, are taking the lead in developing this and we invite all construction companies to join with this initiative.