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New members and WEF endorse buildingSMART

China Communication Construction Company have become Strategic Members of buildingSMART International in a move that greatly strengthens the ability to develop digital solutions for the built environment. CCCC are a large infrastructure provider with an increasing international reach, not least through their engagement with the Belt and Road program, therefore their real world experience is…

IFC Maritime Project

buildingSMART is developing an openBIM standard for Harbours and Ports in response to a new demand to extend the family of digital requirement exchange models to maritime facilities. The reason for this demand is primarily driven by the New Silk Road (‘One Belt One Road’ ). This is a new double trade corridor, on land…

buildingSMART Russia

A new chapter of buildingSMART has been launched in Russia. The launch was the result of hard work, commitment and the will to succeed among key members of the Russian built asset industry, supported along the way by buildingSMART International. Launching the Russian chapter ‘The formation of buildingSMART Russia was long awaited,’ says Vyacheslav Alenkov,…

Another successful year – 2017 Review

  London 2017 As we come to the end of 2017 we are delighted to be able to report on another extremely strong year of growth and improvement for buildingSMART. Thank-you to all of our members, sponsors and supporters at International and Chapter level and all of the hard-working professional contributors. This is a review…

Individual Qualification Scheme Launched

New framework to promote consistent training Training in BIM varies from country to country, and even within countries, so when a company recruits a qualified BIM manager, how does it judge the value of that qualification? With the globalisation of the industry comes the need for global standards of training. So the launch of bSI’s…

International Standards Summit, London

(Click on the images for a larger view) International collaboration delivering digital built asset solutions buildingSMART’s latest international Standards Summit illustrated the dramatic growth in demand for digital solutions across all the sectors of the built environment.

Regulatory bodies supported by open digital standards

buildingSMART International has published a Technical Report that reviews the currently available and proposed exchange formats for supporting interoperability between Regulatory, Requirements and Recommendatory (RRR) content.

Automating Construction Processes

A subsidiary of the buildingSMART Nordic Chapter has been investigating the automation of construction processes. The team from Finland is making open building information models (BIMs) machine-readable. Read the full article here.

IFC4 Reference View Certification Launch

IFC4 Reference View certification was launched on 26th June 2017 on our new cloud-documentation platform known as the ‘b-Cert platform’.

Partrick MaCleamy

HOK Chairman Patrick MacLeamy Retires After 50 Years With Firm

HOK Chairman Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, LEED AP, is retiring from the company today on his 50th anniversary at the firm. He will continue as chairman of buildingSMART International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the design and construction industry that he helped found in 1997.

Rail, Road & Port development MOUs signed

Strengthening collaboration Four Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were signed in early April during the Barcelona standards summit to strengthen collaboration between buildingSMART International and partner organisations.

Recognition through Fellowship Award launched

Pioneers of buildingSMART awarded Fellowships A new Fellowship status was launched at the Barcelona summit, recognising the voluntary contributions of 18 buildingSMART members and officers – past and mainly present – from around the world. This first tranche of awards celebrated the founding of buildingSMART (then called IAI), and many of those honoured were instrumental in…

ETIM International and buildingSMART International announce collaborative partnership

The recently signed partnership will strengthen the interoperability of open standards throughout the building and infrastructure lifecycle and value chain and improve the broader availability of digital product information.

buildingSMART launches Fellowship

  buildingSMART depends heavily on volunteers as well as professional contributors and many of these have served our operations for many years. Since buildingSMART is now ‘coming of age’ with its 21st anniversary we are introducing a scheme to honour and thank our outstanding contributors.

Collaboration between RailTopoModel, and IFC

On January 10th, the representatives from the RailTopoModel (RTM), initiatives and buildingSMART International met in Frankfurt in order to discuss collaboration in the future development of the railway modelling approaches, to ensure efficiency and consistency for the industry. buildingSMART International (bSI) is the home of openBIM, a publicly available and vendor independent approach to the…

Geospatial and built asset collaboration

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and buildingSMART International (bSI) recently held a two day workshop to create a framework to integrate the digital built environment across domains and different aspects of use.


Rotterdam Summit outcomes and views

We have released a video expressing the views of some of the attendees at our latest Summit in Rotterdam. See what Richard, Roger, Phillip, Benno, Lars and Jan have to say.       For all the outcomes of Rotterdam and our previous Summits please visit our Standards Summit Program page which contains links to…

buildingSMART’s Technical progress

buildingSMART has just completed a very successful Standards Summit in Rotterdam which was well attended and had many positive outcomes. The standards process itself is being refined and developed as it is used and implemented and we have welcomed two new Chapters this year from Switzerland and the USA. In all this work and activity, it…

How adopting the open standards approach to BIM will mean you are always a winner

The good news on BIM: we’re all converts now. The bad news: the road we’re travelling is a bit longer and even trickier than we realised. We’re not sure we’ve got the whole map, and there appear to be gaps. Worst of all, we’re treating it a bit like a race, when actually it’s a…

bSI Rotterdam Summit overview

April 11th to 14th were a very busy and productive few days for the buildingSMART community and this Spring Summit produced some excellent outcomes. The work was done by 175 representatives from all 17 of our worldwide Chapters. It seemed appropriate that the Netherlands motto is stronger through effort.

AGI Foresight Report 2020 recognises buildingSMART’s contributions

The recently published Association for Geographic Information’s Foresight Report 2020 gives insight into the issues they believe will have a significant impact on the economy, environment and society over the next few years. A common theme running through the report is the increased collaboration between the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and buildingSMART to improve the compatibility…

buildingSMART International’s Singapore Summit

In October, over one hundred experts assembled in Singapore to work on the creation of world’s future open building and infrastructure data standards. Since the last working summit in London, 5 standards have been endorsed as buildingSMART Final Standards, and the number of initiatives in progress is healthier than ever with 27 Activities currently developing a…

buildingSMART OGC FutureCities Collaboration

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) in collaboration with buildingSMART International (bSI) invite sponsorship in a pilot project to help cities around the world benefit from modern standards for geospatial technologies. The Pilot, based in Europe, will demonstrate and enhance the ability of cities to use diverse, interoperating spatial technologies to deliver improved quality of life,…

London Watford Standards Summit Successes

Over 160 people from 19 different nations gathered in London Watford for the buildingSMART International Standards Conference. Key milestones achieved during the summit include: the inaugural meeting of the Standards Committee (SC) took place the Standards Process, launched in Toronto, was used throughout the summit the Standards Committee Executive (SCE) agreed to put forward, S1004 IFC alignment…

Digital Built Britain Launch

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable at a site visit in London announced the launch of Digital Built Britain, the UK Level 3 Building Information Modeling program. The works will build a digital economy for the  construction industry in support of dramatically improving delivery, operations and services provided to citizens. The program will build on the…


Richard Kelly Joins buildingSMART as Operations Director

BuildingSMART International is delighted to announce that it has appointed Richard Kelly to the new full time role of Operations Director.

Toronto Standards Summit a Success

The Toronto Standards Conference was well supported with circa 90 attendees. Key milestones achieved during the summit include: the new standards process and website were formally launched, comments and suggestions for refinement of the new standards process are invited by 31/12/2014 a new Room was established for the Regulatory domain, the XML specification for version…

buildingSMART Organizational Changes Announced

BuildingSMART is responding to developments in the digital economy, increased market demand and heightened user expectations by introducing a leaner structure, more rigorous project management arrangements, and a revised – and more inclusive – membership model. The changes underway during 2014 and beyond aim to make bSI a partner of choice for entrepreneurial firms in…

Cloud-based Data Dictionary Launched

A new cloud-based version of its buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) was launched by buildingSMART International (bSI) on March 19 at its international committee meeting in Stockholm.