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London Watford Standards Summit Successes

Over 160 people from 19 different nations gathered in London Watford for the buildingSMART International Standards Conference. Key milestones achieved during the summit include: the inaugural meeting of the Standards Committee (SC) took place the Standards Process, launched in Toronto, was used throughout the summit the Standards Committee Executive (SCE) agreed to put forward, S1004 IFC alignment…

Digital Built Britain Launch

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable at a site visit in London announced the launch of Digital Built Britain, the UK Level 3 Building Information Modeling program. The works will build a digital economy for the  construction industry in support of dramatically improving delivery, operations and services provided to citizens. The program will build on the…


Richard Kelly Joins buildingSMART as Operations Director

BuildingSMART International is delighted to announce that it has appointed Richard Kelly to the new full time role of Operations Director.

Toronto Standards Summit a Success

The Toronto Standards Conference was well supported with circa 90 attendees. Key milestones achieved during the summit include: the new standards process and website were formally launched, comments and suggestions for refinement of the new standards process are invited by 31/12/2014 a new Room was established for the Regulatory domain, the XML specification for version…

buildingSMART Organizational Changes Announced

BuildingSMART is responding to developments in the digital economy, increased market demand and heightened user expectations by introducing a leaner structure, more rigorous project management arrangements, and a revised – and more inclusive – membership model. The changes underway during 2014 and beyond aim to make bSI a partner of choice for entrepreneurial firms in…

Cloud-based Data Dictionary Launched

A new cloud-based version of its buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) was launched by buildingSMART International (bSI) on March 19 at its international committee meeting in Stockholm.