openBIM for the energy performance of historical buildings in the MED area

1. Introduction of the speakers and the BEEP partners
2. What is the role of buildingSMART International (Aidan Mercer)
3. Which services buildingSMART International provides to support openBIM in any country in the world (Céline Bent)
4. How to design a national roadmap to promote openBIM in a country (Anna Moreno)
5. buildingSMART Professional Certification in Italy: present and future step (Lorenzo Nissim)
6. Brief introduction of the two guidelines on energy performance and BIM, published by IBIMI, and the energy performance and BIM qualification (Anna Moreno)
7. BIM-based processes for energy improvement of built heritage, BEEP and TECH-START projects (Elena Gigliarelli, Filippo Calcerano)
8. Q&A


Aidan Mercer, Céline Bent, Anna Moreno, Lorenzo Nissim, Elena Gigliarelli, Filippo Calcerano