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How openBIM can help you

openBIM helps you as a product or systems manufacturer by providing a common global communication language between your products, the building information models of today and the decision-support tools of the future. It allows your product data to be easily and reliably ingested into building models, making your products more attractive to purchasers, who increasingly recognize the whole-life value of digital data, and provides the foundations for future interactions between the physical and digital worlds within the built environment.

Data visibility and transparency

The use of standardized data exchange, consistent representation, and seamless integration enhances collaboration among building professionals, improves product visibility, and increases the chances of product specification and selection. By embracing openBIM, product manufacturers can showcase their products more effectively, unlock numerous benefits, and thrive in the competitive construction industry. openBIM is essential for capitalizing on the growing demand for digitalization and interoperability in the building industry, ensuring that product manufacturers stay ahead of the curve and meet the changing needs of the market.


The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is an online service hosting classes (terms) and properties, allowed values, units, translations, relations between those, and more. It provides a standardized workflow to guarantee data quality, information consistency, and interoperability.

  • BIM modelers use the bSDD for easy and efficient access to all kinds of standards to enrich their models.
  • BIM Managers use the bSDD to reference Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) and check BIM data for validity.
  • Content creators benefit from having one entry point to various BIM tools and platforms.

Ways to get involved with buildingSMART International

There are a variety of ways of getting involved at buildingSMART.
Help to develop or implement standards and services to benefit the industry.

Learn more about the bSDD

Let's build a data dictionary

The bSDD allows organizations to structure their data better. This is an important element for product manufacturers to ensure products can be made available. Making them part of the openBIM workflow is also crucial in ensuring the construction process can be optimized to ensure digital workflows are at the heart of the project. See how to build a bSDD in this video/


An industry service to serve the industry

Listen to this podcast from bSDD Product Manager, Artur Tomczak as he discusses the benefits of an industry service that allows a single entry point and connections to other classification systems


"It is important for us to invest in the buildingSMART community so we can engage all stakeholders in realizing our vision. Of course, we need global standards, API’s and the correct process definition, and this helps us as an industry."

Anna Merkler, Business Process Expert, Schindler Management Ltd
bSI Summit, Norway 2023

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