IFC 4.x Implementers Forum

What is it?

The IFC 4.x Implementers Forum (IFC 4.x-IF) is a joint testing effort between software developers, end-users and IFC experts. Its objective is to accelerate and support the implementation of the IFC 4.3 standard, and inform the community about its overall implementation progress and results.

It is coordinated by buildingSMART, and it is part of the larger General Assembly of Implementers, which oversees implementation activities for all buildingSMART solutions & standards (BCF, IDS, IFC5, bSDD, openCDE API, and more)

The IFC 4.x-IF allows:

  1. Software developers to meet, discuss, test and progress IFC 4.3 implementation for their products
  2. Users to promote tests on specific topics and to remain informed about IFC 4.3 implementation

To join the IFC 4.x Implementers Forum, send an email to evandro.alfieri@buildingsmart.org


The IFC 4.x Implementers Forum has two main groups of participants:

  1. Software developers, implementing IFC standard in their tools
  2. Users, adopting IFC standard and using the available tools

A technical and a forum lead helps coordinating the IF's activities.

Please read the Safe Harbour Notice at the end of this page.




The Forum is part of a larger ecosystem, into which interacts with other buildingSMART initiatives and solutions.

  • Primary goal of the software vendors joining the forum is to find agreements on implementations. These agreements are captured in formal, computer-interpretable rules (also human-readable)
  • The same kind rules can be made by other bSI initiatives (i.e. Projects). All the rules are included in the bSI Validation Service
  • bSI Projects can create Test cases, to challenge the IFC standard on a specific scenario. These tests may reference some of the available rules
  • In this way, when a software vendor take a test and produce an IFC file, this can be automatically checked using the bSI Validation Service

Test creation

A Test case is created following a provided template. It includes: test instructions, test dataset, validation criteria, and optionally a reference IFC file.


Validation depends on the type of test, and can be more or less automated. When done against an IFC file, the validation shall ensure that the file is syntactically, structurally, and semantically, correct. It can be done also against other test evidence - produced to demonstrate the fulfillment of validation criteria.



The main objective of IFC4.x-IF is to enable a standardised, test-centric way of approaching implementation. This will help to:


  • Collect, prioritise, discuss and solve issues on IFC 4.3 implementation
  • Allow software implementers to bring their own implementation challenges
  • Perform tests defined by other bSI projects/initiatives


  • Exchange experiences in IFC 4.3 software implementation
  • Organise demonstrations and hands-on sessions
  • Share, validate and adjust IFC sample test files


  • Aggregate and publish documentation, or other informarion, supporting software implementation
  • Monitor software implementation activities and results - to be reported during Plenary sessions
  • Collect interest on specific topics and spin-off to dedicated bSI projects, when needed


Tool Use
GitHub repository To collect IFC4.3 files, produced by developers during the Forum activities, and the test to be performed
Task tracker To manage tasks priority and track progress
Miro board To manage workshops, brainstorming and other collaborative activities
Box folder To collect meeting recordings and other material

Safe Harbour Notice

Certain statements made in the context of Implementers Forum meeting, its presentations and subsequent follow-up information, including Q&A materials, are forward-looking statements which may include roadmaps, project plans, release plans and development timescales that are estimates and projections.

No assurance is given nor implied that bSI and/or any third-parties involved in the work will be able to meet such estimates or projections by the dates specified, or at all.

They are not a commitment to deliver any update, milestone, development or functionality and should not be relied upon when making investment or purchasing decisions. buildingSMART International reserves the right to make changes to all such information at its sole discretion or subject to the agreement of third-parties where required.