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November 2022The buildingSMART International Standards Summit SummaryRead More
October 2022The buildingSMART Awards Finalists Read More
September 2022buildingSMART International Standards Summit and National Council: MontrealRead More
August 2022Sponsor the buildingSMART International Standards Summit: Montreal, October 18th - 21st Read More
July 2022The buildingSMART International Council, Board, Strategic Advisory CouncilRead More
June 2022The buildingSMART International Standards Summit 2022Read More
May 2022buildingSMART International Announces the Sad Passing of Richard PetrieRead More
March 2022Spring Virtual Summit preview, two new full chapter approvals, IFC 4.3 sent to ISORead More
February 20222021: A Year in ReviewRead More
December 2021Whitepaper announcement, Schneider Electric joins the SAC and two industry surveys Read More
November 2021Awards Program winners announced, IFC 4.3 updates and upcoming webinarsRead More
September 20212021 Awards Program Finalists Announced and Virtual Summit updatesRead More
August 2021BCF 3.0 Launch and What does it mean to be a COBie MasterRead More
July 2021Annual Report 2020 and June Webinars: Recordings AvailableRead More
June 2021buildingSMART International Has a New Publications WebsiteRead More
May 2021Update to the The buildingSMART Awards Yearbook and the Virtual Summit Recordings Now AvailableRead More
April 2021Virtual Summit write-up, Awards yearbook available and 2021 Awards program launchRead More
March 2021Introduction to the bSI Virtual Summit Spring 2021, including keynote agendaRead More
February 2021bSI Virtual Summit early bird tickets and launch of the Digital Twins podcastRead More
January 2021End of year summary and interviews with the bSI teamRead More
December 2020Post-Event Summary and Videos Available from the bSI Virtual SummitRead More
October 2020Full Schedule Now Available for the bSI Virtual SummitRead More
September 2020Early Bird Tickets Available for the bSI Virtual SummitRead More
July 2020The Summit in Oslo is cancelled and various votes are out to the Standards CommitteeRead More
June 2020 A Digital Twins White Paper is available and IFC 4.3 Call for ParticipationRead More
May 2020A roundup from the Virtual Summit with Webinars AvailableRead More
April 2020 Important Date Changes to EventsRead More
March 2020The International Standards Summit is PostponedRead More
February 2020Airport and Infra Room Progress ReportsRead More
December 2019Registration for the Oslo Summit is openRead More
November 2019The International Standards Summit event report Read More
October 2019IFC Bridge and ODA AnnouncementRead More
September 2019Chapter Leader profiles and Finalists AnnouncedRead More
August 2019New Technical Director and Summit Registration is OpenRead More
July 2019International Council Meeting and Annual ReportRead More
June 2019IFC Rail project update and IFC road expert panel reviewRead More
May 2019First IFC4 certification milestone and featured blog on digital twinsRead More
April 2019Summit Review from Dusseldorf and new case study availabilityRead More
March 2019Program information for Dusseldorf, Siemens blog and featured speaker from MottRead More
February 2019The bSI blog site is launched, an MoU with WGIC and Summit detailsRead More
January 2019An end of year message from bSI and various news from the chaptersRead More
December 2018The newsletter is launched with a round-up of the summit in Tokyo and a note from the chairmanRead More