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openBIM provides software vendors with the common BIM language that allows you to collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders, partners and suppliers, across the full lifecycle of your project. It supports both human and machine interoperability, ensuing your project data workflows are machine interpretable and helping you automate your processes, optimize your decisions and improve your productivity and sustainability. And it gives you choice over what software to select, the freedom to change if better applications come along, and the confidence that you will be able to access your data in the future without being locked-in to proprietary software formats.


Supporting openBIM standards can expand your market opportunities and attract new customers. Your products become interoperable with other software, making it easier for customers to use them in conjunction with other tools. Being a long-term supporter positions your business as a reliable partner in the market, rather than a short-term solution that may be eclipsed by newer technologies. By embracing openBIM, you demonstrate a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer needs. This can help you to build trust and establish your business as a leader in the industry, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market.


Seamless digital workflows

Digital workflows are at the core of the work done in the built environment. Providing the right solutions to the industry is critical to ensure productivity and efficiency. Supporting the industry in delivering open digital workflows is at the core of openBIM. Being an openBIM-compliant software vendor will dramatically help the industry but making data available throughout the entire lifecycle of a project or asset. openBIM provides the right process for software vendors to position their applications to clients.

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Learn more about openBIM landmark projects

Open Design Alliance (ODA) - Collaborative Environment for openBIM

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) developed an environment to enhance interoperability for the built environment. The ODA supported the latest standards and services from bSI to provide high-quality and affordable toolkits for the industry. Lear more about the project.

IFC file converted from Revit file using ODA IFC SDK in OpenIFCviewer (1)

Image: courtesy Bexel Consulting


ACCA Software - usBIM.ids

Italian software vendor, ACCA Software developed an innovative solution to help clients and asset owners to better define their exchange information requirements. The usBIM.ids paltform allowed for great definition and structure to ensure clarity and confidence could be reached.

Image: courtesy ACCA software S.p.A.


"We believe that technology has to keep up and enable openBIM workflows, with full interoperability, and flexibility of digital ecosystems. That way, BIM users can provide real project benefits through a holistic openBIM approach having a federated model of hundreds of IFC sources, IDS-based metadata verification and enrichment using bSDD integration, BCF collaboration, openBIM construction planning, and management workflows."

Veljko Janjic, CEO, Bexel Consulting
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